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40 HQ Container With 4 Side Doors


Industrial Grade Shipping and Storage Containers.
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The CAN Industrial’s 40 HQ Container With 4 Side Doors is the ultimate solution for your storage space. These containers are built with high-quality steel that is anti-vandalism. The steel construction is also corrosion-proof and anti-rusting, making it the most durable storage solution for you. The interior of our steel containers is lined with marine-grade plywood. The quality of this material makes it scratchproof and resist impacts from loading and unloading.


  • STEEL CONSTRUCTION – The anticorrosive and anti-rusting steel gives our shipping containers a longer lifespan.
  • FLOORING – The marine-grade plywood on the floor offers high resistance to scratching and regular impacts. The material also adds aesthetics to our steel containers.
  • AIR CIRCULATION – Our Containers are designed with weatherproof and rodentproof vents that allow air circulation.
  • FORKLIFT POCKETS – The presence of forklift pockets at the bottom of these shipping containers make them easy to lift out of the ship or stack at the port using forklifts.
  • SECURITY – With secure lockboxes, you never have to worry about the safety of the items on transit or when stored.
  • LOCKING BAR DOOR HANDLES – The door handles make it easy to open and close the doors of our industrial-grade containers.

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40 HQ Container With 4 Side Doors

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