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Steel Excavator Dumping Hopper - 7 Cubic Yard, Yellow

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Industrial Grade Steel Excavator Hopper.

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The industrial-grade Steel Construction Dumping Hopper is engineered to withstand heavy use in hauling. The CAN Industrial’s dumping hoppers are easy to use, durable, and offer the best value for money. With a capacity of 7-cubic yards, you can haul away almost anything from your residential area or construction sites. Choose CAN Industrial products for quality and durability!


  • MATERIAL – The all-steel construction of our heavy-duty hoppers makes them dependable for all heavy jobs at the construction site.
  • CAPACITY – We supply a 7-cubic yard industrial-grade steel dumping hopper, enough storage capacity to haul away all the construction wastes.
  • SAFETY – The dumping hoppers are designed with safety in mind, allowing you to safely transport heavy loads from or to the construction site.
  • APPLICATIONS – Our steel construction dumping hoppers are suitable for all hauling tasks, whether from a construction site or warehouse. You can also use our dumping hoppers for hauling away residential wastes.
  • LOADING AND OFF-LOADING – The dumping hoppers are designed to make loading and off-loading the content a breeze.

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Additional information


7 Cubic Yards


6 Meters (19.6 Feet)


2 Meters (6.5 Feet)


2.2 Meters (7.2 Feet)


1402 Kg

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