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Traffic Cones 29.5" (75 CM)


Heavy Duty Polyethylene Traffic Cones
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Highly visible traffic cones designed for many different uses. Direct traffic or be in control of a parking lot by acquiring any of our high-quality cones. Designate hazardous areas on your construction sites by strategically placing the all-visible polythene cones from CAN Industrial. At CAN Industrial, we put your safety first. The orange color and reflective collar on our cones make them suitable for both night and daytime use.


  • REFLECTIVE COLLAR – The reflective collar on our polythene cones makes them visible even under low light conditions. You can notice them from 3 meters apart in the dark.
  • FLEXIBLE PVC – Look nowhere else for parking lot cones that are flexible enough to regain shape even if run over.
  • MATERIAL – The premium PVC material used in the design and manufacture of our traffic cones is UV-resistant. They retain their bright orange color even after years of use.
  • COLOR – The orange color on CAN Industrial’s cones gives them high visibility during the day. The collar makes polythene cones visible at night.
  • HEIGHT – The 75 cm tall high-quality traffic cone is ideal for use in road construction works. A driver can notice them from a safe distance.
  • APPLICATIONS – CAN Industrial supplies cones for securing parking lot areas, construction sites, among other uses.
  • STABILITY – The black base is wide enough to make the traffic cones stable.

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29.5" (75 CM)


2.5 KG


9.8" (25 CM)

Traffic Cones 29.5″ (75 CM)

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