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Traffic Cones 39.3" (100 CM)


Heavy Duty Polyethylene Traffic Cones

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The heavy-duty orange traffic cones stand 100cm tall. It is specially-designed to make your construction site and parking lot a safe place for everyone. Our high-quality traffic cones have a visible orange color and a reflective collar. The cone remains visible during the day and night. Designed for the North American weather! The heavy-duty polythene traffic cones resist UV and high temperatures. They never fade, even if used outdoors.


  • HEIGHT – A height of 100cm makes our design one of a kind in the market. Its tallness increases the visibility even if you are a safe distance away from the restricted area.
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE – Made of highly-flexible PVC that can take any shape you want. You also don’t have to worry about deformation when run over by an automobile because it regains its shape almost instantly.
  • STABILITY – The heavy-duty rubber base is solely to provide stability to the orange traffic cone.
  • REFLECTIVE TAPE – Our high-quality traffic cones have reflective tape wrapped around them to enhance nighttime visibility.
  • DURABILITY – The CAN Industrial’s traffic cones are built with highly durable and low-density polyethylene material.
  • FADE-RESISTANT – The bright orange color of our parking lot cones does not fade over time. The cones maintain their look even if used under direct sunlight.
  • ALL-WEATHER – The orange traffic cone resists fluctuations in the environmental temperature and never get affected by the rains.

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39.3" (100 CM)

Traffic Cones 39.3″ (100 CM)

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