CAN Industrial specializes in the design and making of temporary fences and gate panels. Do not let thefts or trespasses ruin your construction site or your event, or get unnecessary injuries on-site. We offer affordable temporary fence and gate panels for construction projects and events. These temporary fences help you to reduce the cost where you don’t require permanent barriers.

Features of CAN Industrial Temporary Fences and Gate Panels

Before your buy any temporary fence or construction fence gate panels, you need to know the features and specifications. That is important to match it with your preferences. Our temporary outdoor fences and portable fence gate panels have the following design specifics and features:

  • Walk-through Man Gate: Be it a construction site fence, home depot temporary fence, or any other temporary fencing, it needs an entrance. Our selected temporary fences come with a walk-through man gate and is easy to install.
  • Different color options: This is an important attribute when choosing a temporary outdoor fence for events such as weddings and film sets. We have four color options for you: galvanized, green, red, and yellow. Choose the color appropriate to add aesthetics!
  • Industrial grade temporary fence: We use industrial-grade steel in constructing temporary construction fences and temporary gate. That guarantees maximum security of all the equipment and tools on-site. The temporary fence and man gate set create a protective barrier.
  • Ground stand and top lock: You don’t need to hire other supporting items for stability if you choose your portable fencing from Can Industrial.
  • Lightweight structure: Despite the robustness of temp fence from Can Industrial, they are relatively light. That property makes our construction fence panels very portable.
  • Affordable temporary fencing option: If you need cheap temporary fencing, then we have the best for you. Acquiring man gate panels and temp fencing has never been this easy!
  • Easy installation: You can easily install our temporary fence all by yourself. That may apply if you are only securing a small area such as renovation projects, paddocking, and a temporary dog fence outdoor. You might need a pair of hands to install and uninstall these temp fences from a large area such as sporting grounds.

Residential and Commercial Uses of our Modular Fencing System

There has been an increase in the use of temporary fences and gate panels recently. That is because they are very cost-effective and offers maximum security for the secured area. We may not talk about all of them, but it is good to know the list is endless. Here are just a few!

1. Securing a construction site

It is a common trend for contractors to use portable fences and gate panels for securing construction sites. If you need to buy temporary fences or gate panels, contact us for cheap temporary fencing options. We help you comply with that law as required by law to secure your construction site to avoid accidental injuries.

2. Paddocking or sectioning farmland

Every farmer knows the benefit of paddocking their pasture grounds. As opposed to constructing permanent fences, we can help you save the cost with our temporary garden fencing solution. Portable fencing is also useful for isolating sick animals. And the good thing is you can remove them as you so wish to repurpose the land and put it to maximum use. Our temporary fence will also add security to your farm.

3. Controlling human traffic in special events

Using temporary fencing may just be the best option for managing a crowd within a property. You can do this in a sporting events, wedding, film set, or any other event that involves a crowd of people. CAN Industrial has the best temp fence panels to make it a reality.

4. Adding privacy and security

For poultry farmers, using portable chain link fence panels is not optional. Also, a temporary dog fence is helpful if you want your dogs to stay outdoors. Temporary pool fencing is also necessary to secure it from kids and pets. You can go for a temporary privacy fence for your property as well.

We mean, the uses of our temporary fencing systems are unlimited. Just contact us with your specific needs, and we will supply you with the quantity you need.

Temporary Fence Buying Tips

Measure the parameter of the area

Since the cost of temporary fence depends on the measurements of the fencing area, you need to accurately do it. You may also need a second party to confirm your measurements. That will help you avoid buring for what you do not need.

Get the right portable fence for the job

Temporary fences are designed for different functions and projects. For that reason, you need to make it clear what the intended purpose is so that you get a mobile fence of the right strength. We are sure you don’t want to incur the liability costs for damaged temporary fence panels.

Check permits and regulations

If you don’t want to collide with the authorities, then conduct research on the usage of temporary fences in your city or locality. The policies may vary from place to place, making it easy to fall on the wrong side of the law when using any temporary gate or temp fence panels.