CAN Industrial is the leading supplier of outdoor storage sheds in Canada that bring a lasting solution for all your storage needs. Your machines, equipment, and tools deserve protection from harsh weather, UV light, and vandalism. We offer you a lifetime solution with storage sheds made to the standards to resist the worst of North American weather.

Features of CAN Industrial Storage Buildings:

  • Built to last: For lifetime storage sheds, look nowhere else as our mobile storage got you covered. The galvanized steel makes the structure sturdy enough to resist damage of any kind.
  • Easy installation: All the parts of our home hardware storage shed are carefully designed and engineered to make it easy to install. All the commercial storage building parts are measure, cut, and drilled with pin-point accuracy for easy on-site assembling and hassle-free dismantling. No modifications are required!
  • Natural lighting: There is nothing more than depending on the natural light. The commercial fabric PCV cover used permits as much natural light as possible while protecting your valuables from harmful UV light. It will save you a lot from utility bills.
  • Built for North American weather: Violent storms are a characteristic of North American weather during winter. This outdoor storage shed will protect all your valuables from storms, rain, UV light, and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Double door and simple gable construction style: CAN Industrial outdoor shed has two doors on the opposite sides. That makes it easy for entrance and exit even during emergencies.
  • Unlimited space: Storage space is never an issue as you get an outdoor shed measuring 60 by 50 by 24 feet. The list of valuables that you can keep inside it is endless. Be it your private cars, a fleet of business vehicles, farm equipment, recreational equipment, etc., which cannot be in your main house, we have a solution for you with our trussed frame storage building.

Who is our weatherproof shed for?

CAN Industrial designs and constructs outdoor vertical storage shed for multiple uses. It never matters what you want to secure inside! The storage solution offered by these large outdoor sheds does not discriminate whether you need them for home use, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Warehouse storage unit

If you have a manufacturing company, then a space for keeping raw materials and finished products is not optional. An outdoor storage shed will form the heart of your operations! And for that reason, you need a structure that is sturdy and stable enough to withstand storms. Our outdoor shed is the solution that you are looking for.

Backyard storage shed

For extra space to house your home accessories, having one of these commercial storage buildings is an appropriate option. You can store anything ranging from vehicles to lawnmowers to garden equipment.

You can also keep wastes and other leftovers from a renovation project. We have home hardware storage sheds for you.

Functional garage and a car graveyard

If you are a mechanic looking for a perfect commercial storage building to offer car repair services, just contact us. Our portable storage units have ample spaces for housing client’s vehicles, the repaired and yet to be repaired ones. The storage shed is also for the safekeeping of old cars or irreparable ones, a great car graveyard.

Farm equipment and produce storage

As a commercial farmer, you need a large storage shed to keep all the farm equipment safe from theft, vandalism, and harsh weather. The outdoor storage shed also offers space for keeping hays, farm products, and other animal feeds. It is a permanent storage solution for you.

Fleet management unit

Service providers such as firefighting departments, prisons department, schools, churches, and other institutions have a fleet of vehicles to manage. An outdoor storage shed can be the only solution not only for managing the fleet but also for protecting them from rain, UV light, etc.

Why choose CAN Industrial’s Storage Building?

Can Industrial boasts of 15 years of experience and industry leaders in the design and construction of outdoor storage buildings. We are dedicated to meeting the outside storage solution demand in Canada and entire North America.

We use advanced technology and state-of-the-art tools and equipment, ensuring that our products are of unrivaled quality. We also use the best quality galvanized steel that is resistant to corrosion and other impacts. Our customer service team is also exceptional! Feel free to contact us for any inquiry or order placement.