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30' x 40' x 15' Storage Building Shelter Double Truss (450 GSM Fabric)


Storage Building Tent 30 x 40 x 15 Feet

Double Trussed Galvanized Frame


CAN Industrial storage building solution is a smart way of protecting your investments from rains and scorching sun. Our storage shades are suitable for residential, agriculture, industrial, and commercial uses. The commercial storage shades are made of weather-resistant 450 GSM fabric that ensures you get real value for your money. They are built to specifically withstand the North American weather conditions.


  • STEEL FRAME – The galvanized steel frames are the fundamental features of our storage building. You only need to occasionally replace the fabric.
  • 450 GSM FABRIC – The fabric covers allow natural light to pass through to illuminate the shade. You also don’t have to worry about the harmful UV radiation as the fabric cover blocks it.
  • ALL-WEATHER – Our shelter is designed to withstand the worst of North American weather. The snow-rated shade is also resistant to wind, rain, and fire.
  • ENTRY AND EXIT – This commercial storage building has two doors, one on every end, for accessibility. Additionally, 2 man doors allow for staff entry and exit.
  • INSTALLATION – CAN Industrial’s trussed frame storage building is easy to install. The base flange acts as the foundation, and joining the galvanized steel frames on site is a breeze.
  • USES – The uses vary from residential to industrial. Our shade is designed for almost every application and to keep your investment safe.

Cover and protect cars, boats, RV’s, buses, campers, equipment, tools, materials, supplies or anything of value. Perfect for creating a sheltered work space, party, event, gathering, project, wedding, or social.

Ideal for: Agriculture, Farms, Horticulture, Salt Storage, Automobile Storage, Entertainment Tents, Events, Temporary Shelters, Outdoor Events, Film Sets, Lumber, Garage, Rain Wind Snow Cover, Structural Tent, Party Tent

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700 Kg



30′ x 40′ x 15′ Storage Building Shelter Double Truss (450 GSM Fabric)


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