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60x120x25 Storage Building (610 GSM Fabric)


Storage Building Tent 60 x 120 x 30 Feet – Double Trussed Galvanized Frame


A commercial storage building for keeping your busy running while saving the cost of constructing a brick and mortar warehouse. It is engineered to endure the North American weather and keep everything safe from storms and snow.


  • UNLIMITED SPACE – With a size larger than a football pitch, you never have to complain of limited storage space. The 120 by 60 feet floor area makes it an ideal choice for commercial purposes.
  • LONG-LASTING PVC FABRIC COVER – It is resistant to wear and tear, making it last longer.
  • NATURAL LIGHT – What more would you demand from a storage building that can allow natural light to illuminate the space? There is no need for artificial lighting.
  • EASY ENTRANCE AND EXIT – Door on both ends for people to enter and exit at will. The main entrance doors allow your automobile or any other machinery to be brought into the shade without much struggle.
  • MECHANICAL DOORS – The doors are designed to make it easy to open and close the structure when necessary.
  • ALL-WEATHER – There is no rain to destroy your product. There is no fire to consume everything. Wind will not move the structure, and snow falling on it will slide to the ground.
  • UV-RESISTANT – UV radiation degrades both plastic and metal. The PVC cover used in this storage building does not allow UV to pass through.
  • UNRIVALED SUPPORT – Our team is ready to help you in assembling and disassembling the storage shade when you want to relocate.
  • GALVANIZED STEEL – The temporary storage structure is erected using galvanized steel that stands the test of time.
  • WHITE PVC COVER – This reflects light during summer, thereby keeping the inside temperature within the optimum range during summer.

Cover and protect cars, boats, RV’s, buses, campers, equipment, tools, materials, supplies or anything of value. Perfect for creating a sheltered work space, party, event, gathering, project, wedding, or social.

Ideal for: Agriculture, Farms, Horticulture, Salt Storage, Automobile Storage, Entertainment Tents, Events, Temporary Shelters, Outdoor Events, Film Sets, Lumber, Garage, Rain Wind Snow Cover, Structural Tent, Party Tent

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11,000 Kg


50 Feet


25 Feet


120 Feet




60 x 120 x 30 Feet

60x120x25 Storage Building (610 GSM Fabric)


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